Lightbox / Modal / Zoom Effect like

Lots of people are using Medium for their blogs. I really enjoy the functionality of the site so I figured I would try to implement some of their cool features. The one that really stuck out to me was the lightbox, modal, zoom effect that they have on some of their images. This isn’t the […]

Transmit Host Key Changed

Transmit Host Key Changed Fix

Are you getting this error message in Transmit: Host Key Changed for ____ The server’s host key has changed since your last connection. This is most likely due to a server changed, but you should check with your server administrator to be sure. Click OK to accept the new host key. After clicking “OK” 17 […]

Saving site page as pdf

I had a request to make a pdf of 3 pages of a site today. I googled and searched for a while, with no luck, until my friend showed me this amazing Mac Application called Page Layers. This managed to save my page exactly how I saw it and even gives a PSD option that […]