WooCommerce pre-check terms conditions

WooCommerce Pre-Check Terms and Conditions box

WooCommerce is great with security and I understand the importance of having the user check the “I have read and agree to the websites terms and conditions*” but sometimes you might just want to skip the extra step and help the customer along in their checkout process. This is what I’m going to explain how […]

SlickSlider flexbox

Slick Slider in Felxbox Fix

I love Slick Slider, I love Flexbox, but they do not love each other. Thats okay, with simple CSS, we can make them love each other. .your-container, .your-container * { min-height: 0; min-width: 0; } Have a container around your slider inside of your flexbox and you should be all set. I got this fix […]


This is just some fun with mouse tracking. A ISON

Lightbox / Modal / Zoom Effect like Medium.com

Lots of people are using Medium for their blogs. I really enjoy the functionality of the site so I figured I would try to implement some of their cool features. The one that really stuck out to me was the lightbox, modal, zoom effect that they have on some of their images. This isn’t the […]

Strengths Finder 2.0

This is a great book to start the year with and here’s why. The book is designed to work with an evaluation test($ premium) that gives you your top 5 out of 34 talents. The goal is to evaluate yourself on what you are natural good at so you can invest your time and energy […]

Gold Text css image

Gold Text with CSS or Image

I wanted to create some gold text for a website without using photoshop. Using a solid color is not an option because you can’t really get that gold color. I found 2 good options. The First option was pure css and the second one was css with an image. Check them out below. PURE CSS […]

Transmit Host Key Changed

Transmit Host Key Changed Fix

Are you getting this error message in Transmit: Host Key Changed for ____ The server’s host key has changed since your last connection. This is most likely due to a server changed, but you should check with your server administrator to be sure. Click OK to accept the new host key. After clicking “OK” 17 […]

Squares 2017 Addison

Squares Conference 2017

Another great conference. This was my second year attending Squares Conference. This year had different speakers and some different topics but was just as good as the previous year.   Ismael Burciaga, @burciaga, runs the conference in Grapevine and also runs 2 other conferences there: Circles and Frames. This conference focuses on front end dev […]

squares conference 2016

Squares Conference 2016

I had the great privilege to be able to attend the Squares Conference in Grapevine, Texas. This is a fun and informative conference for people in the digital development world. If you have anything to do with design, development, or any online marketing strategery, this is the conference for you. Structure The conference itself was […]

computer code

Show or Hide content based on WordPress user logged in

The code below shows all that it takes to show or hide content when a user is either logged into your site or not. <?php if (is_user_logged_in()){ ?> <p>you are logged in</p> <?php } else { ?> <p>log-in please</p> <?php }; ?> When a user is logged in, they will see the “you are logged […]