Adding a Google Calendar to your site

I really enjoy google and their vast array of integrated features. The only thing that they really lack is a mission for responsive design. They make adding a google calendar easy by giving you all sorts of options for adding your google calendar to your site. Simply go through a few steps in your google […]

Upload SVG’s to WordPress Media Library

I really like SVG’s. I like to use them whenever I can. They are great for new devices and screens that have beautiful screens. Sure, they don’t get cached as easily as regular images but they have a lot to make up for it. So, when I went to upload an SVG to my WordPress […]

Take Image Links Off of Images in WordPress Page

Ever since I started using WordPress, I have been confused as to why it automatically puts in a link to image files in your post/page. Sure, you can insert the image and then click on the little text tab to take out the link. The only problem is that you have to do this every […]

Custom WordPress excerpt sizes

WordPress has always made me scratch my head when it came to the excerpt. I mean, its great to be able to insert your “the_excerpt();” php code into your loop and have everything show up all nice. The default excerpt comes out at 55 characters. That seems alright to me for a list of your blogs. […]

Make YouTube Background Video

I had a task of creating a background video. I have only done this by using the actual < video > tag and displaying the MP4 file video. This is not that difficult of a task because you have much control over the display of the video. That was just too simple though. I then […]

Search only posts

I make a lot of sites that have blogs and I enjoy all of the abilities that WordPress has for finding specific posts. The search option is one of my favorites. However, by default, the search option searches all pages and posts. That isn’t a very good UX (User Experience) when they are specifically in […]

Advanced Custom Fields Image Gallery

If you have a design or idea that involves making a gallery based on specific images that a basic WordPress user wants to upload to a site, make it yourself! Sound really hard? With ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and ACF Repeater, it’s a simple 4 step process. Just follow the instructions provided by Elliot Condon. […]

Animate CSS

Looking for a little animation style to your site but don’t want to get all involved in adding a bunch of javascript everywhere? No problem! CSS has come a long way. For all of us living in the future, (this excludes those hardcore IE7 lovers) we can use this source to find CSS animations that […]