Making an excerpt for a post title

I was given the task of figuring out how to show the “…” after a post title in a preview of the blog page. Many of the things I found were for limiting a user to x number of characters but I didn’t want that. I had to keep my characters to about 60 or […]

Query Monitor

Found a cool plugin that shows quite a bit of information on your page load. The plugin is called “Query Monitor” and it does a great job.

Online Video Converter

I often get videos to upload to a site. The formats can vary so changing them to what I need can be a common task. The solution is Online Convert at

A cool new gallery

Gamma Gallery is an experimental gallery that actually works quite well. Uploading the images can take a bit of time but its great for multiple screen sizes. The link below is the page that this gallery can be found.

Keeping user info after reload

I’m not exactly sure how this works. I am just going to say magic and go with it. If you have any forms on your site, you user might find themselves leaving and then coming back our pressing a button by mistake. All of their data would be gone at that point. No problem with […]

In the know with code

I have recently discovered a couple of documents with information on code. Need help figuring something out? Forgot a little piece of code? Just use one of these searchable databases to get the information you are looking for. 1. 2. It is like having hundreds of coding books in one spot with a search engine!

Show hidden files on Mac

Below is code to run in terminal that will show hidden files on your mac. Further below is the link that I got this information from. defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES LINK:

Git Sublime Push/Pull issue

When getting this pop up while trying to push/pull your git content in Sublime “You should not push a detached head”, you should make sure you have “Xcode” on your computer. This program allows your information to pass.