Checking your CSS

I found out about a website that will scan the css on your site and give a report. This information can be very useful. Each site is different but if you have just a small site with 20 different css files, You are making more work for the browser than needed. Remember DRY, Don’t Repeat […]

Screen Cast on Mac

Here is a link for a great description of how to screen cast. Need Mac and use QuickTime Player.

Video Download (YouTube)

Today I had a client that requested us to upload videos to youtube from their old site.  One of the sites already had their video but it was on another account. I decided that it would be best to download the youtube video and then upload it to the youtube account that I was putting […]

Online Commerce

Online Commerce is scary! No one wants the risk and hard work in accepting credit card applications.  PayPal works well but is not considered to be sophisticated to your visitors. One solution can be

Saving site page as pdf

I had a request to make a pdf of 3 pages of a site today. I googled and searched for a while, with no luck, until my friend showed me this amazing Mac Application called Page Layers. This managed to save my page exactly how I saw it and even gives a PSD option that […]